Independent Schools Experiential Education Network

What is ISEEN?


ISEEN is an international learning laboratory and networking opportunity through which independent school experiential educators and administrators can share their program challenges and successes, learn of and from model programs, and explore the developing role of experiential practices within our educational communities. Experiential education encompasses a host of different initiatives in each of our schools including:

  • outdoor/adventure education
  • global education/travel
  • service learning
  • sustainability initiatives
  • leadership development.

ISEEN is the leader and steward of experiential education in independent schools. Through our annual institute and other opportunities, we share information, facilitate connections amongst innovative educators, and advocate for the expansion of experiential education.

Video shot at the 8th Annual ISEEN Institute in Santa Barbara, CA. (2013) by the Santa Barbara Middle School Teen Press



ISEEN was listed as one of the top ten innovations in independent schools by Pat Basset, recently retired President of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), at the 2012 NAIS Annual Conference.